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Star Tool & Die is a major distributor in the Midwest for 3M™ Mill Rolls, Brushes and Wipes. We serve an area that includes five states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. We provide custom-built mill rolls made from engineered, non-woven fiber/resin discs that are bonded into a single, unitized roll cover sleeve. These rolls replace several traditional roll materials.

Higher Performance & Lower Cost
3M™ Mill Rolls outperform conventional urethane and rubber rolls. That's because our 3M™ Mill Rolls are made of non-woven synthetic fiber discs bonded together with a tough flexible adhesive. The result is a resilient roll that is gouge resistant and self-healing.

3M™ Mill Rolls offer significantly superior price-value performance over traditional roll cover materials because of four factors:

  • 1) Roll Life
  • 2) Fluid Control - removing or applying fluids
  • 3) Friction
  • 4) Non-Marking

3M™ Mill Rolls' value is derived from the porous, non-woven web they are produced from. 3M™ Mill Rolls can be thought of as extremely durable industrial "sponges". A few examples of the benefits of 3M™ non-woven Mill Rolls:

  • For fluid wringing applications the porosity relives hydrodynamic forces that cause non-porous materials, like rubber, to hydroplane, slip, and scratch the metal surface.
  • The porous web can remove and retain oxides and other debris from the strip or steel rolls that can cause quality problems.
  • The non-woven web is compressible so when it is compressed it compresses in on itself. These compressive surface stresses actually allow the roll of mend small surface cuts that would eventually cause an incompressible roll material, like rubber, to fail because its tensional surface stresses propagate the cut. This yields in far greater life.
  • Using pressure and adjusting the density of non-woven web very precise and uniform fluid thicknesses can be applied. 3M™ Mill Rolls dominate in markets where this precision and uniformity coupled with long-life are vital.

In wringer, oiler, tension/bridle, or support roll applications, 3M™ Mill Rolls help improve productivity and cost efficiency of line operations with fewer defects from "carry out" or slippage.


3M™ Mill Rolls Outperform Conventional Rubber Rolls

3M™ Mill Rolls
Rubber Rolls
Compressible; resist cutting, gouging for more up time compared to rubber rolls.
susceptible to cuts.
Porous, open surface for consistent strip contact even when wet.
Non-porous, closed surface. Can hydroplane when wet.
Repairable for better return on your investment.
Self-healing for more up time compared to rubber rolls.
Cuts propagate.
High coefficient of friction on many surfaces for better material control.
Low coefficient of friction on wet / oiled surface conditions.

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